Franzi und Sebastian von Flame Films

WE ARE franzi und sebastian

… married ourselves since 2016 and lovers of Asian food. Together we live and work in an old apartment in Wiesbaden, from where we travel the world again and again. Then our plants die from time to time, but it's worth it to us.

After our first weddings, we quickly realized: capturing such special moments and creating memories is what makes our hearts beat faster. At our own wedding at the latest, we realized how cool it is to be able to relive these unique moments over and over again, even years later, and not forget them.

We are looking forward to a new adventure with you!


… loves music. That's why it's especially important to him that the images and the sound of your video form a unity. During his studies of media design he was especially fascinated by the interplay of form and color – he makes sure that every second of your video is aesthetically pleasing.


… is of the opinion “editing is like tinkering only with videos”. She makes sure that all the beautiful shots are in the right place – for maximum emotion 😉 She also keeps an overview when Sebastian gets lost in details again.

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