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... husband and wife since 2016 and lovers of Asian food, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and good music. We took a leap of faith by moving from Germany to the US and still can’t believe we get to call stunning Colorado our new home.

After filming our first weddings, we quickly realized: capturing such special moments and creating memories is what makes our hearts beat faster! It moves us to be able to strengthen and celebrate relationships through our work, to enable couples to share their joy and commitment with their loved ones.

Especially after our own wedding, we understood how valuable it is to be able to relive these unique moments over and over again, even years later, and to not forget them.

Looking forward to hearing your story!


... can’t sit still when he sees an epic sunset, dances when he finds just the right song for the next film, and is living his best life capturing all the crazy moves on your dance floor.


... has a thing for perfect artsy framings during portrait session, gets chills working with meaningful vows and touching speeches while editing, and gets really excited when there is pizza at your wedding (no pressure though).

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